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Two popular fallacies about leaders and the elites – 10/1/2019

Two popular fallacies are thriving in a Europe of populism and diminished expectations. Many argue that Europe’s problem is a problem of leadership. Missing are statesmen with the stature of Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand or Jacques Read more [...]

Lessons for the eurozone from Greece’s painful crisis years – The Financial Times 7/8/2017

Greece is finally growing again. But it has been arguably the eurozone’s greatest failure. Catapulted into a debt crisis with a 15 per cent government spending deficit in 2009, the country suffered eight years of economic contraction. Read more [...]

The time is up! A realistic proposal to end Greece’s debt overhang – VoxEu 17/11/2016

Chris Marsh, Dominik Nagly, George Pagoulatos, Elias Papaioannou t is now seven years since the Greek crisis began. As well as reflecting the chronic deficiencies of its own institutions, the failings in Greece also reflect Read more [...]

An odious prosecution – 23/8/2016

“There is nothing more unpredictable than the past,” experts on Soviet-era methods used to say. Government has the means to elevate its story into official history. It can create scapegoats to deflect attention from the Read more [...]

Are left-wing policies feasible within the eurozone? – 1/12/2015

Theoretically, Greece should have been a laboratory of left-wing policies, with its terrible combination of inequality, poverty and unemployment. But how feasible are left-wing policies within the eurozone? The question Read more [...]

Le plan de sauvetage de la Grèce peut-il être adopté par le peuple grec ? – Confrontations Europe, July – September 2015

Confrontations Europe: La Revue Numéro 110 – Le plan de sauvetage de la Grèce peut-il être adopté par le peuple grec ? Kalypso Nicolaidis, professeur à l’université d’Oxford Read more [...]

The EU Bailout for Greece: Making it our Own – Confrontations Europe, July – September 2015

Extract of Confrontations Europe, La Revue n°110 (in French) After 6 years of Great Depression, Greece signed its 3rd Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in August, an understanding with its EU partners as to the conditions Read more [...]

Tsipras II: The shift to political responsibility – 5/10/2015

What are the implications of this second SYRIZA-Independent Greeks (ANEL) government? Once more Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras chose to form a coalition with the right-wing populists instead of the pro-EU center/center-left parties Read more [...]

The prime minister’s dilemma – 9/6/2015

The political capital of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is largely the product of a big misunderstanding. Public surveys in the past few months have indicated that he remains Greece’s most popular politician, having convinced Read more [...]

The Real Social Challenge Is Kickstarting Growth – Social Europe 19/1/2015

It is impossible to meaningfully address Europe’s social challenges for the present, medium and longer term without addressing the central challenge of economic growth. We are now in a situation where adverse longer-term trends Read more [...]

SYRIZA’S economic agenda – 18/11/2014

What would the consequences of SYRIZA’s economic policy be if the leftist opposition party came to power? Given the often differing positions expressed by some of its leading MPs, we have focused on the speech of its president Alexis Read more [...]

The growth challenge for Europe and the EMU – EPC, Challenges and new beginnings: Priorities for the EU’s new leadership – September 2014

  The European economy is slowly and painfully striving to reemerge from the last six years of crisis. It was a crisis of enormous intensity and contagiousness, given the unprecedented depth of global financial integration Read more [...]

SYRIZA’s painful trilemma – 24/9/2014

The world in which our desires materialize provided we strongly want it is a perfect world. It has only one weakness: it exists in our imagination – and in bad literature. Students of politics prefer to focus not on the power of Read more [...]

The Euroskeptics’ delusions – ekathimerini 4/6/2014

Brutal and diverse, coarse and noisy, the enemies of the European Union are inside the gates. Chauvinists and angry anti-capitalists, neo-Nazis and drunkards, charlatans and demagogues, they spit hatred, they flatter insecurities, Read more [...]

La Vanguardia – 13/4/2014



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Deutschlands Nachbarn blicken auf die Wahl – ZEIT ONLINE 6/9/2013

Diese Bundestagswahl findet in einem sehr besonderen Moment der europäischen Geschichte statt. In den kommenden Monaten wird sich entscheiden, was aus den Plänen einer soliden politischen Fiskal- und Bankenunion werden wird. In diesem Read more [...]

What the Cypriot ‘solution’ means for the eurozone – ekathimerini 3/4/2013

The Cypriot “solution” is a game changer. I teach my students that the euro is a freely convertible currency and that in the common European market capital is allowed to move freely. However, both of these concepts have ceased Read more [...]

Three years on, five FAQs about Greece’s bailout agreement – ekathimerini 1/5/2013

Three years after Greece signed the EU-IMF memorandum, some questions remain. Here are some answers: 1. Could Greece have avoided the memorandum? Clearly not, given the state of its economy in late 2009 / early 2010. The economies Read more [...]

Desperately hanging on in Greece – European Council on Foreign Relations, January 2013

The current Greek debate over Europe is inescapably related to its traumatic experience at the epicentre of the crisis. Since 2010 the country has had to deal with sky-high interest rates, severe recession, harsh austerity, structural reform, Read more [...]

Greece should not be sacrificed for the euro – The Financial Times 15/08/2012

According to Greek mythology, the noble Iphigenia was sacrificed so that the warships could have a fair wind to Troy. According to eurozone mythology, Greece should become the Iphigenia for the euro to sail ahead. However, this sacrifice Read more [...]

Saving the country depends on the will of the Greeks – Kathimerini 21/03/2012

The biggest public debt restructuring in history is not a world first that makes us proud, despite the enormity of the achievement on a technical and negotiatory level, the massive complexity and difficulty of the task. It represents, Read more [...]

It’s time for the Greeks to turn things round – again – The Financial Times 04/06/2009

By George Pagoulatos In an ironically symbolic picture from last December’s riots inAthens, the poster ofGreece’s National Tourism Organisation appeared behind a shattered window, featuring the slogan: “Greece: The True Experience!” Five Read more [...]